Choosing the right private student loan is as important as choosing the right college

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A few simple things to
know before you apply.

Repayment Plans1

Take a moment to consider the best way for you to pay back your loan. There are up to four options to choose from:

  • Immediate Repayment
  • Interest-Only Repayment2
  • Partial Interest Repayment2
  • In-School Deferment2

Interest Rate Options

Choose between a fixed or variable rate:

  • Fixed rates
    Your rate will never change.3
  • Variable rates
    Variable rates are based on market conditions, so if market rates go up or down, so does your rate.

What you want, including
a graduation present.

Interest Rate Reductions

Even a small percentage can make
a big difference.

  • 0.25% for automatic loan payment withdrawal4
  • An additional 0.25% if your automatic payment is from a SunTrust account4
  • 1% principal balance reduction
    upon graduation5

Cosigners are great

If someone with a good credit history is a cosigner, your Custom Choice Loan is more likely to be approved. It could be an eligible parent, guardian, or a friend.

In-school Refinance Option

With this new option, you can refinance existing private student loans into a new Custom Choice Loan.

  • Your new loan will give you the flexibility to select a repayment term and repayment option that is right for you now.
  • The process is easy — after approval this option will be presented — just list which loans you'd like to refinance.
  • Learn more about the In-School Refinance Option.

Get the money you need for college with a SunTrust student loan.

Check off
your expenses.

A SunTrust Custom Choice Loan® could cover any of these education related expenses: